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In August 2019, former Hong Kong Consulate General Hong Kong employee Simon Cheng, who was detained by Chinese public security authorities for more than two weeks and was subsequently granted political asylum in the United Kingdom, was also wanted on suspicion of violating national security law.[Masato Kimura (International Journalist in London)]”I was neither a famous nor an active pro-democracy, but I was accused of being a spy and confessed to a prostitution I didn’t know. I have no regrets, “he answered in an interview with the author. While appealing for crackdowns in Hong Kong in the media and forums, Chen created the British Harbor Association to help Hong Kong citizens fleeing to Britain. We provide support from settlement and mental health to education such as learning English and employment such as how to write a resume. We also went on a London tour to deepen our friendship. It is said that 200 people applied for the English class. There is no membership system. In the unlikely event that personal information is leaked, China may crack down on it. In the charter of the association, Chen declares that “Hong Kong is no longer just a city, but a diaspora (discrete people), always maintaining and practicing common cultural values.” At the end of January this year, the UK began accepting special visa applications that would pave the way for Hong Kong citizens to become permanent residents of the UK. Special visa applications have been granted to approximately 2.9 million British Overseas Citizens (BNO) citizens and their families born before the 1997 return to Hong Kong, with 34,300 applicants as of the end of March, according to the British Ministry of Interior. did. Chen estimates that “100,000 people have already fled Hong Kong and are in the UK.” The British government will devote £ 43 million to a welcome program to help Hong Kong citizens settle. “The UK is the most friendly country to Hong Kong citizens, but if passports and travel documents are confiscated under the National Security Law, it will not be possible to escape from Hong Kong. Air flights from the UK to Hong Kong will also be suspended under the pretext of a pandemic. “Chen says. The immigration law was passed by the Hong Kong legislative council in April, and from August, when it begins to come into force, the authorities will have absolute authority over immigration restrictions. “Anyone can stop if the authorities decide that they don’t want to go in and out of Hong Kong.” Authorities are stepping up surveillance as more Hong Kong citizens are expected to flee to the UK by August. Chen analyzes. “The public is afraid that their chances of escaping will be completely deprived. There are many excuses to prevent brain drain, capital flight, and protect the status of financial cities.”