Product imageThis product is equipped with two sensors and can calculate heart rate, sleep, activity, and stress level, including pulse wave velocity (PTT). The sensor measures the reaction between the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve, and the “stress relief index” that shows the stress response of the whole body based on the “vitality index” and “relaxation index” can also be confirmed. If you enter the medication schedule in the “ASUS HealthConnect app” on your smartphone, you can also use the reminder function that tells you when the product is taking the medication. Sleep time and quality, the number of times you fall asleep, and blood oxygen saturation and heart rate measurements can be used to measure sleep depth and comfort. In addition, when there is an incoming call or push notification to the paired smartphone, the caller information and message preview are displayed on the screen and the main unit vibrates. The size is 53.5 (width) x 46.5 (height) x 14.2 (depth) mm, excluding protrusions, and the weight is about 62g. The belt lug width is 22 mm, and the battery life is about 10 days in normal use.