[Scene cut]Tsuyoshi Kusanagi wearing a long coat on high heelsKusanagi said, “At first, the” # Kusanagi Tsuyoshi masterpiece “that I thought about in the stage greeting was appropriate. But I should say it. It really became my masterpiece.” Also, “I think there are a lot of people doing movies. It’s a work that I haven’t done 100 or 200. I think that’s okay. Of course, I still have a lot of it, and this Everyone said “I’m glad”, and I’ll do my best with that as a spring. ” On the other hand, “But this is really a miracle. Lucky, I think” Thank you God “. In a sense,” Midnight Swan “is going to be another” Midnight Swan “, so I’m not going anymore. It’s a great work for me and I’m so happy to see it through. I want to continue to support “Midnight Swan”, and I’m receiving very good things from everyone. So, I would like to give back to everyone, or express it. ” This time, as “TOHO Wendy”, a service that anyone can see for 1200 yen every Wednesday from the 14th, limited to TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, will start. Along with this, it was decided to re-screen at the same place. Kusanagi said that the reason for the hit of this work was “thanks to the hashtag” such as “Chasing Swan” that spread on SNS. “Today is Wendy, so why don’t you take that Wendy and say” Wends One “?” And was applauded.