[Photo]See a larger photoLast month, Professor Seo discovered the Takeshima notation on the Tokyo Olympics homepage for the first time and sent a protest email to the IOC side, but Professor Seo again protested against receiving the reply “Please contact the Japanese side”. sent a mail. Professor Seo also sent a protest email with the same content to 47 IOC honorary members, including former IOC President Jacques Rogge, pointing out the “double standard” for IOC Takeshima. Professor Seo said, “At the time of the last Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Japanese side protested against the Dokdo notation of the Korean Peninsula flag, and the IOC also removed the Dokdo notation as a political issue. South Korea accepted this, ”explained the situation in 2018. Professor Seo said, “The IOC is currently in a different position than it was then, but accepted the Japanese side’s unilateral claim that Dokdo notation is not a” political intention “but a” geomorphological notation. ” , Dokdo is not recommended to be removed, “he pointed out the fairness controversy. “It is against the” Olympic spirit “that the IOC, which should adhere to the most neutral position, takes such a biased action. I would like the Japanese side to take measures as soon as possible so that the notation of Dokdo can be deleted. I emphasized. Professor Seo also attached to the protest email an English document proving that Takeshima is a territory peculiar to South Korea in terms of geographical, historical and international law. Meanwhile, Professor Seo continues to send protest emails to Seiko Hashimoto, chairman of the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee, and the Organizing Committee to remove the Takeshima notation.