Other imagesSuddenly formed the super unit V2 in 1991, YOSHIKI joined the globe in 2002, and when Tetsuya Komuro announced his retirement, YOSHIKI posted a message to care for him on his SNS and became a hot topic. At that time, YOSHIKI and Tetsuya Komuro said that they talked directly on the phone. Although they have been friends for a long time, Tetsuya Komuro will appear on YOSHIKI CHANNEL for the first time in about five and a half years since the “YOSHIKI VS Tetsuya Komuro New Year Dialogue Special” broadcast on January 1, 2016. ◎ Distribution information YOSHIKI CHANNEL “Tetsuya Komuro x YOSHIKI Special Dialogue” Broadcast from 19:00 on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 ・ YouTube Channel membership (worldwide including Japan) * Japanese broadcast * English simultaneous interpretation broadcast ・ Niconico Channel (Japan)