[Other images]Explanation of the organizerThe official website summarizes the process in the words of Yoichi Shibuya, a general producer. One of the requests of the Medical Association is “to consider canceling or postponing the event depending on the spread of infection in the future.” There are no numbers that can be used as indicators, and he complains, “The interpretation is too diverse and the standards are ambiguous. That is not what we can do.” Another request was, “Even if the event is held, we will take further measures to restrict admission and take all possible measures to prevent infection, including actions outside the venue of the spectators.” “What should be done and what new measures should be presented?” The lottery was already held after limiting the number of visitors, and there were “nearly 10,000 losers”. The only way to reduce it further is to re-lottery, but it is not realistic in terms of time. In addition, when the “activities outside the venue of the spectators” are received literally, the organizer will manage the accommodation and movement of the participants. Mr. Shibuya does not hide his confusion, saying, “I’m sure that’s not the case (as an interpretation of the words), but I can’t afford to discuss the details of what the actions outside the venue indicate.” About one month until the date. Preparations for the festival are progressing, and if it is canceled, it will cost more than 100 million. However, as preparations proceed, spending will increase “in units of tens of millions of yen each day.” Procrastination was risky. “We cannot fully respond to the request from the medical association, but unfortunately we had no choice but to cancel it,” he explained to the participants. ROCK IN JAPAN FES. Is a rock festival held every August at Hitachi Seaside Park. It was canceled in 2020 due to the impact of the Corona disaster, but in 2019 250 groups of artists participated and mobilized a total of 337,421 spectators in five days.