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Marvel Studios’ latest work “Black Widow”, which will be released nationwide on July 8th tomorrow, is the story of the female spy Black Widow. At the event, after the screening of “Avengers: Endgame” released in 2019, a Japanese message video “Watch me” by Rachel Weisz who played her mother Melina in “Black Widow” was also unveiled. Kosugi, who is talking to his friend Lewis in the “Ant-Man” series, appears as an MC. “I’m sorry for my voice!”, But he invited the voice actors with the famous Captain America line “Avengers, Assemble!”, And all of them talked about the work. When the moderator asked, “What other Marvel characters would you like to play?” Kosugi said, “I want to try everything except Lewis.” “I like the fat guy who is a friend of the main character who appears in Spider-Man.” Answer. On top of that, he continued his love for Lewis, saying, “… But I’ve always been passionate about Lewis, so I want to play a different side of Lewis.” I was screaming from the people around me, “Is it a puck?” At the end of the game, there is also a corner where you can put your thoughts on Black Widow into a strip of paper, in connection with Tanabata, which was just before the end of the game. Kosugi said, “I wanted to meet and talk because it’s okay once! No, I wanted to meet because I didn’t have to talk separately! I’m lonely just to meet, I wanted to treat something! I like sweets! Waffles “Do you want to eat?”