[Image]Proud grandson KiranMrs. Devi reported the sudden death of her daughter, Karina’s husband, Fritz, in February. This time, Kiran made a speech for his father, Fritz, at the Mass of “St. Patrick’s Catholic Church” in London. Mrs. Devi said, “Look at his male figure.” Kiran gave a dignified speech in a calm manner that couldn’t be thought of as 14 years old, and fans said, “You’re proud of your grandson, you’ve made a great deal.” Some people said that they were impressed by the way they conveyed their thoughts to Heavenly Father, saying, “It’s wonderful” and “I’m impressed.” Mrs. Devi loves Kiran and often publishes two shots on Instagram and blogs. In January 2020, while reporting that he had spent Christmas in Amsterdam, where Karina and his friends live, he showed Kiran a two-shot photo of a hugging friend from behind, saying, “Kiran is more and more handsome. It was, “he said happily.