[Video]Celebrity Kurosawa, how to relieve unexpected stressThe M League is a long-term league match with teams that carry the expectations of companies and fans. Due to the nature of mahjong, only one out of four can take the top spot, and if you fight for a long season, you will be stressed as much as you lose. For Kurosawa, who says, “The cause of stress builds up is when you lose a mahjong game,” you will be dissatisfied with MAX on the day you pull back in the M League. After co-starring KONAMI Mahjong Fighting Club Mari Takamiya (federation) said, “Talking with your friends and laughing and laughing will relieve stress,” Kurosawa said, “I just shred cabbage. Just right, my husband loves cabbage, so I’ll put it up in a pile. ” Kurosawa announced his marriage in the middle of the 2019 season, but his husband seems to have little knowledge about mahjong. When I came, there was east, south, south, and north in the seven pairs of children, and I blew out on a crowded train. ” Also, when I’m worried, I get advice saying, “It will help me to put into words what went wrong. I’ll forget it soon, so I should write it down and never do the same thing next time.” Sometimes. According to the story, not only shredded cabbage but also the whole couple’s life was the driving force of Kurosawa. (ABEMA / Enthusiasm! From M League)