method of paymentEspecially in the case of a small store such as an individual store, the area around the cash register is small and there may not be enough space to add a reader that supports multiple payments, so the hurdles for introduction are high. In response to this situation, solutions called “Tap on Mobile” and “Tap to Phone” that make cashless payments easier, especially for credit cards, have appeared. This treats smartphones as credit card readers and supports touch payments. The store can easily handle credit card touch payments as long as it has a compatible smartphone. The names are slightly different depending on the service provider, but they are basically the same. Overseas, only credit card touch payments are supported, but Tap on Mobile, which the Japan Card Network (CARDNET) was conducting demonstration experiments until the end of March, supports electronic money such as QUICPay, QUICPay +, nanaco, Rakuten Edy, and WAON. The feature is that there is. The big player Suica is not supported, but it can still cover many cashless users in the country. What are the possibilities of using a smartphone as a payment terminal?