[See all images]Conquer the dungeon at Shibuya Station. Never get lost in the AR navigation of Google Maps

Google Maps, which already provided outdoor AR (Augmented Reality) navigation. In this indoor navigation system, AI (artificial intelligence) will be used to accurately indicate the direction in which one should go even at stations and commercial facilities. Oh yeah, please use AR navigation after stopping. When you get close to the target object, an easy-to-understand display appears with a large arrow. In addition, it seems that a technology called “global localization” that uses tens of billions of Street View images is used to detect the direction in which you are facing. The locations of elevators, escalators, ticket gates, platforms, ticket offices and toilets are also obvious. No more getting lost in the station yard or shopping mall. According to Google, examples of stations where indoor live view can be used are Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station, Shinagawa Station, Ueno Station, Ikebukuro Station, Shimbashi Station, Akihabara Station, Takada Baba Station, Gotanda Station, Ebisu Station, Nippori Station. , Nakano station, Kitasenju station, Tachikawa station, Omiya station, Urawa station, etc. Furthermore, it is said that the target facilities will be gradually expanded in the future. Speaking of Japanese stations, it is also famous as a “dungeon” because its interior is complicated. However, Osaka Station (Umeda Station), which is the most famous dungeon, has not yet been targeted for indoor navigation on Google Maps. In order not to get lost anymore, we can wait for the early expansion of the service area. Image: Google Image: Google