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In the 4th year since its opening, it announced a medium- to long-term business plan. The three pillars were “1. No. 1 bank for small and start-up companies,” “2. No. 1 embedded financial services,” and “3. No. 1 tech-first bank.” At the beginning of the business, it stated that it would focus on individuals as well, such as by linking with GMO Click Securities, but said that it recognized that it was “insufficient in physical strength” to achieve number one for both individuals and corporations. On the other hand, the bank has received high support from many start-up companies for opening accounts. In addition, as the provision of bank APIs is expanding and the support of companies and markets is increasing, the business policy is to further strengthen the “current strengths” of corporations, especially start-ups. ■ Strengthen startup support Focus on the corporate field as a banking service for Internet companies. Rather than offering special products for small and start-up companies, we will make standard banking services easier for start-ups to use. A new service for corporate accounts will be added during 2021. From July 12, we will start offering a small amount of automatic reimbursement “Anshin 100,000 yen”, and by simply applying at the time of opening a corporate account or on the Internet banking, a loan facility of 100,000 yen will be standard equipment without the need for loan examination documents. As a result, even if the balance becomes insufficient when using a business debit card or when transferring funds, you can pay from this 100,000 yen loan facility, so you can make payment mistakes when you “inadvertently forgot to transfer funds”. You can prevent it. “Deposit / withdrawal application freee deposit / withdrawal management with GMO Aozora Net Bank” that visualizes cash flow will also be available from the 12th. We provide a free application that can centrally manage not only the bank but also the accounts of other financial institutions, and centrally manage the account balance and deposit / withdrawal details of the correspondent bank. Supports corporate balance management and cash flow management. ■ Expanding “Banking” Business with Easy Embedded Financial Services In addition, the services provided as “API Linkage Services” and “Platform Banking Services” that provide banking APIs have been renamed to “Easy Embedded Financial Services”. Create a service system that meets the needs of the partner companies you use. Currently, we have contracts with 137 companies, but we will strengthen our proposals so that we can incorporate the banking functions necessary for the business of the company we use, such as bank APIs, dedicated cards, and dedicated branches. As an example, we will connect the “parts” of the banking service according to the service of the business operator, such as providing a bank account function to the “payroll prepayment service”. In addition, the embedded financial services marketplace “ichibar” will start in the summer of 2021. We will build a mechanism to connect with services other than the company’s bank API and services. In 2021, we will concentrate our strategy on services for corporations and strengthen development. To that end, we will “engineer first” and increase the number of engineers, who currently exceed 40%, to 50%.