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According to Variety, Grant’s injury was recorded as a mild concussion that wasn’t a “reportable matter” under WorkSafe regulations, sources said. WorkSafe classifies “reportable matters” as injuries that require immediate hospitalization by the parties. The New Zealand Herald reports that Grant was diagnosed with an 8mm cerebral aneurysm, which was classified by the American Association of Neurosurgeons as a “serious consideration for treatment.” There is. Grant had not been diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm until June, during which time he was allowed to work on other projects, according to Variety sources. In February, another stuntwoman named Elissa Coldwell was injured, but the accident was reportedly not reported to WorkSafe until Herald reported it. The injury paid Amazon $ 500,000 to return to Coldwell for treatment, but Amazon didn’t explicitly admit it was a failure. There have been multiple reports of stunt performers feeling unsafe or stunt supervisors exerting unnecessary pressure on the circumstances surrounding the series of accidents. One stunt performer told Herald that “he (senior stunt worker) always puts unnatural pressure on him.” In another example, a stunt performer who dropped out of the shoot in March after injuring the rotator cuff was required to perform a backflip stunt with an improperly equipped wire. Another stunt performer commented that a colleague had cut a ligament but the injury was not disclosed and was “an order of magnitude more secretive” than the normal injury rate on a movie set. .. Despite these series of reports, film security officer Willie Heatley said the overall injury rate was low. Heatley told Herald, “I’ve had 16,200 stunts since I started shooting. This is an incredible amount, but the total injury rate in the studio is 0.065%. Most of these injuries are common. It’s the bruising and bruising that occurs in a stunt, and the tension in the muscles and soft tissues. ” Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” project was one of the hardest hits in the pandemic of the new coronavirus that began in 2020, and its production was postponed in March last year. It has been reported that the shooting period is long, and even the main cast does not know when the shooting of Season 1 will end.