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Rooney is a tool that allows you to store and carry your laptop and create a workspace by opening it wherever you work. Inside, it has a stand on which a smartphone can be placed, a tilt function that supports the operation of a notebook PC, and various pockets that can store a power adapter and accessories. The power cable pocket is designed so that you can connect it to a PC or an outlet while storing the cable. The storage space for earphones and small items is located in the front pocket, which is easy to reach even while operating the PC. The feature of these storages is that they do not get in the way when carrying or working. The smartphone stand is placed at a position where the camera comes to a natural height, assuming use during a web meeting. In addition, by selecting the presence or absence of the tilt function, it is possible to work in the desired posture. The size is 360 x 295 x 60 mm (width x depth x height), and the internal dimensions are 345 x 280 x 54 mm (same as above), which is compatible with 13.3 inch notebook PCs. It weighs 620g. Available in two colors, heather night gray and heather light gray.