[Image]Cross sections that look like “something”The cut section of the kiwifruit looks like a discreet, beaked face. It seems that the round appearance and the slightly slender eyes are very nice. Peacock, who has posted various illustrations, tweeted, “The cross section of the kiwi I ate today looks just like the cute bird kiwi.” Expressing how it looked with illustrations, it became popular with 90,000 likes, saying “really” and “cute!”. By the way, the bird from which the name of kiwifruit was derived is kiwi, and although there are various theories, it is said that when kiwifruit was exported from New Zealand, it was named after Kiwi, the national bird of New Zealand. In the reply column etc., there were other cute kiwi cross sections saying “Please have my child too”, and it seemed that “Yuru-chara” was often born from kiwi.