[Video]Featurelet footage of Misato Morita & Yuri Tsunematsu who played the two “women of fate”In the featurelet video, Kaoru Kuroki (Misato Morita) who saved the big pinch of Toru Muranishi (Takayuki Yamada) in Season 1 and the heroine who became a big presence for Muranishi by admiring such Kuroki and entering the industry from the beauty staff. Start with an interview with Yuri Tsunematsu, who played Mariko Nogi. “My role is the role of an ambitious girl who decided to become an actress after seeing Mr. Kuroki’s appearance.” Regarding Nogi, Director Takeso explained that “a character that contrasts well with Mr. Kuroki.” Yamada is said to be a completely different type of person from Kaoru Kuroki, saying, “I’m innocent or innocent, I’ve never met him.” However, Tsunematsu said, “Is it possible to overcome this person (Kuroki)’s back?” Is her conflict, but it is also my own conflict … “, the pressure to participate from Season 2 I’m looking into. On the other hand, Morita, who plays Kuroki from Season 1, said, “I’m really looking for something like a place where (position) changes with Mr. Nogi, or a new statue of Kaoru Kuroki.” I’ve always felt that (Muranishi’s) heart isn’t right for me … “, he talks about the role of gradually passing by Muranishi in this work. Tsunematsu said, “The fun of the two actresses is that they have completely different personalities, roles, and images like black and white, so I hope you enjoy the place like a fight between women.” Talking about the highlights of Season 2, the video ends with an impressive Nogi line saying “Isn’t it me? Instead of Mr. Kuroki”. At the same time, the scene photo that was lifted shows Kuroki standing dignifiedly in front of his portrait in the hall of the new company Diamond Visual, which was newly launched by Muranishi in Season 2. It is a contrasting cut of Nogi who gently snuggles up to the side of Muranishi who has been lost and exhausted. Kuroki and Muranishi reigned at the top of the industry in Season 1, but did not produce a work that surpassed the legendary work “SM-like liking”. Mariko Nogi, a new heroine I met to meet in such a situation. Also pay attention to the story of two “fateful women” over one man.