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In an interview on BBC Radio on the 6th (local time), Minister Javid said, “Around 19th, the number of newly infected people per day will double to 50,000, and will increase to 100,000 in the summer. It is expected. ” However, Minister Javid maintained his support for the decision to lift the epidemic prevention regulations. In an interview with other media, he said, “I can’t live by thinking only about corona.” “I have to learn to live with the virus by utilizing the vaccine effect.” “About 7 million people were unable to receive support from the National Health Service (NHS) in relation to health problems due to the Corona situation,” said Javid. “Considering other illnesses, financial difficulties, and obstacles to education.” I have to do it. ” Minister Javid will announce on the 6th about the self-quarantine of those who have been vaccinated twice in Congress. British media expects the 10-day self-quarantine to be eliminated in the event of contact with an infected person. The UK initially planned to relax the regulation on the 21st of last month, but the delta mutation spread and it was postponed for four weeks. Meanwhile, the British government has recently resigned from Health Minister Matt Hancock, who has been in charge of epidemics since the early days of the Corona situation, and has been heavily deregulated after taking command of Treasury Secretary Sajid Javid. The adult vaccination rate in the UK is 86% for the primary and 64% for the secondary.