[Photo]The best tooth!3S photo with Audrey Kasuga & Kumi and WakabayashiHoshino said, “At this time,” Achikochi Audrey “was originally broadcast, and I was wearing it with my program. I really like it, so I went home, had a midnight snack, and had a little night out. There was a routine to watch “Audrey here and there” and put in the two-hour radio that I did. That changed the time zone from this year, and the time expanded … I also talked about wanting to come out if there was an opportunity, so I had you adjust it and realized it. ” He continued, “I was worried that it would be okay because I hadn’t been a guest alone until now, but the recording time was about an hour and a half, and I had a very enjoyable and fulfilling time. It was a lot of fun. I was able to tell what I was thinking about watching the program and what I was thinking about to the two of Audrey. My image is that I lived alone in Asagaya. I talked about it, but it seems that some people didn’t have that kind of image. I see. I’ve lived in Asagaya since I was about 19 years old, and it’s been about 5 years. There was a time when it was like the nearest station, so I think I’m definitely passing by Kasuga-san (laughs). When I think about it, I didn’t expect to be able to talk to Asagaya, but that’s right. ” Said. On top of that, “It was very interesting because there were many moments when I synchronized with Mr. Wakabayashi. I also like Mr. Kasuga, but what do you say, Mr. Kasuga? After all, I thought, but while appearing on various programs, Kasuga-san was shaken and became an interesting or mysterious atmosphere, and there was Wakabayashi-san who helped. In “Audrey here and there”, Kasuga-san Kasuga-san said that he was the one who picked it up. Wakabayashi-san and I teamed up and picked up the spilled words and made them impressed. (Laughs). The story of the time when the color of the program was quite difficult was not too heavy. I really thought that it was made by three people. ” He added, “I was able to remove the various guards because Kasuga-san was smiling, and I chewed various words for TV, and I’m not a talking person, so one explanation is very long. You don’t have to worry about shortening it for use, you can talk about what you like. The rest is a studio that conveys the feeling of people’s temperature, and it is not a question that is asked loudly in a large studio. You can relax and get excited. ” “The other one I was making together was Mr. Sakuma. Although he is a producer, he puts out a competition on the floor. When Mr. Kumi (Kasuga’s wife) talked about it, Mr. Sakuma’s competition was” 93. “It was,” he recalled with a laugh. Regarding the space called “Audrey here and there” created by four people, “Because Mr. Sakuma is there, I also see Mr. Sakuma’s side and talk, and I have met several times, so he is a person who can be trusted in all directions. There was a person who could feel relieved, and it was a lot of fun. It seems that it has been talked about in various places, and I was very happy. Mr. Sakuma does not praise me because the first email theme is praised recently. There was a story like that. I also have to put out my name on the radio. I think I can’t put into words what is really good (laughs). So, Mr. Sakuma, the program Immediately after it was over, the words I mentioned on Twitter were unspeakable times, so I was sloppy (laughs). At that time, even Mr. Sakuma’s hint was recovered. ” The program can be viewed on “radiko” within a week after the broadcast, and “Achikochi Audrey” can be viewed on “TVer” within a week after the broadcast.