[Photo]See a larger photoThe Sankei Shimbun explained that if President Moon’s visit to Japan is realized, he plans to hold a face-to-face Japan-Korea summit meeting for the first time since Prime Minister Suga took office in September last year. President Moon and Prime Minister Suga held a telephone conversation in September last year immediately after taking office as Prime Minister Suga. However, while historical issues such as the comfort women and compulsory recruitment issues have not been resolved, face-to-face discussions have been scattered many times. Japan and South Korea promoted a brief meeting in the wake of the G7 summit held in Cornwall, England last month, but it turned out that it did not happen because Prime Minister Suga refused at the last minute. The South Korean government plans to promote the Japan-Korea summit meeting again at the Tokyo Olympics, but Japan is still showing a reluctant attitude. South Korea is also cautious because it should not repeat things like those at the G7 meeting. The Sankei Shimbun added that various people, including President Emmanuel Macron of France and Mrs. Jill Biden, the president of the United States, have informed the Japanese government of their intention to visit Japan at the time of the Tokyo Olympics. The Korean presidential office (Blue House, Jeongwade) said that it was not appropriate to comment on the speculative coverage of the Japanese media in the Sankei Shimbun report, and emphasized that “nothing has been decided.”