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The Seoul Socho (Seocho) police station said on the afternoon of the 2nd, “The bereaved family will be allowed to view the images of the traffic security cameras at the Banura interchange and the southern end of the Banura Ohashi bridge twice on May 27 and June 21. It was announced. The police said, “On the 26th of last month, there was a request for information disclosure to the effect that the bereaved family would like to view the video of the traffic security camera at the southern end of Banura Ohashi and provide a file.” We decided to make a’partial release’only possible, and let the bereaved family view the video again on the 1st of this month. ” Prior to this, Jung-min’s father, Song-hyun, said on his blog the day before, “I went to the police station to see the video of the security camera that was requesting information disclosure.” I was talking and I was finally able to see it. ” In addition, Mr. Song Hyun said, “I requested the material from the beginning, but it was useless and I was told that it was only possible to browse.” “Since I saw it suddenly, the angle was different and it was difficult to understand where it was on a general monitor screen. Like the security camera footage at the Banura interchange, I couldn’t find the location without seeing it hundreds of times, and I couldn’t identify the person passing by, so I requested the material again. ” “I could see it clearly when I zoomed in on the screen, but I didn’t have a son anywhere,” he added. The Seocho-gu held a deliberation committee on the 29th of last month and decided to end the informal investigation into this case. However, police said a powerful team would continue to check for Jung Min’s pre-death traces and additional evidence, and a detective team would follow the procedure to investigate the charges filed by the bereaved family. The bereaved family has accused Mr. A, a friend of mine who drank alcohol at Hangang Park on the day of his disappearance, on charges of assault and abandonment. Police have been investigating Jung-min’s death for the past two months, but found no particular suspected crime.