[Image]New model Nintendo SwitchIn the new model, the screen size, which used to be 6.2 inches, has been expanded to 7 inches. The dock will be equipped with a new wired LAN terminal in addition to the existing USB terminal and HDMI terminal. The capacity of the main body memory has been expanded from 32GB of the old model to 64GB. The width of the back stand has been widened so that the range of motion can be adjusted steplessly. The speakers have been redesigned, and it is possible to play with clearer sound than before. The main body size is 102 (height) x 242 (width) x 13.9 (thickness) mm. It is almost the same as the current model, but the organic EL model is 3 mm wider. The weight when the dedicated controller “Joy-Con” is installed is about 420g (current model is about 398g). There are two colors, “white” and “neon red / neon blue”. The new model dock and Joy-Con can be used with the old model.