[Video]Snow Man Surprise!Bananaman Himura who completes the new song & the sweaty roadSnow Man’s Tatsuya Fukazawa, Daisuke Sakuma, and Raoul will appear on the program. Fukasawa talked about his worries, “I want to see more in the camera. There are nine people, so there is a limit to what the camera can pull out,” and I asked Bananaman and Sandwichman to watch the dance of the new song. After seeing Fukasawa’s dance, Himura advised in the free dance part that “Sakuma-kun’s acrobatics are amazing, so there’s no point in fighting them. It’s important to slow down, so I’m worried about not moving.” From there, Himura will be demonstrating and will be performing at Fukasawa’s standing position. Although it was a sudden development, Himura performed a sharp dance, and Raoul & Sakuma also surprised with “It was perfect!”. Furthermore, in the free part, he stopped with slow and fast movements, and danced with laughter. Himura’s complete copy dance was praised by Himura’s dance on SNS, saying, “Himura-san is amazing to dance perfectly!”, “I dance too much and laugh!”, “Snow Man & Bananaman collaboration is too great!” One after another. In addition, on the official Twitter of the program, a video “The road to the complete copy of Snow Man’s new song, which has not been released in the main story”, which Himura specially trains in the dance of “HELLO HELLO”, has been released.