[Image]A sample of the exhibition panel and an original sticker that you can get at the fishing competitionIt will be exhibited at four aquariums in Sea Para (Aqua Museum, Dolphin Fantasy, Umi Farm, and Fureai Lagoon). It is said that the aquarium also has a panel that describes the explanation by the character “Futa” that appears in the game and the bean knowledge of the aquarium staff. The in-game fishing tournament “Justin’s Fishing Tournament” is also held in real time, where you can compete for the number of fish caught in 3 minutes. The winner will receive Justin’s original sticker. Regarding the reason for collaborating with the game, the museum said, “I wanted people who had never come to Sea Para to be interested. At that time, I focused on” Animal Crossing, “where sea creatures appear. I want you to feel the charm of the sea creatures that are transmitted from within the game through your five senses. ” Along with this event, a collaboration project will be held from July 5th in the game. The island area “Hakkeijima” with the motif of the museum is open to the public.