[Photo]Scene photo of “That is a nobleman”

This work is a movie adaptation of Mariko Yamauchi’s novel of the same name. It depicts two women living in different urban environments opening up a life that goes beyond romance and marriage. Drawing the solidarity and sisterhood of women, which is still rare in Japanese movies, the characters who face their birth and growth, the polite depictions that are particular about costumes and props, the acting of the cast members, attracting many topics and sympathy, centering on SNS Acclaimed one after another. Mr. Kadowaki played the role of Hanako, a boxed daughter of the main character, Kiko Mizuhara as Miki who came to Tokyo from a rural area and lived on her own, Kengo Kora as a lawyer who will connect the two, and a violinist who is a friend of Hanako. Shizuka Ishibashi plays the child role, and Rio Yamashita plays the role of Miki’s local friend Hirata. This work, which was released in February this year, is currently being distributed in advance for a limited time and digital cells. Following this, it will be released on Blu-ray & DVD this fall. Following the theater poster, Yori Oshima will be in charge of the package design. The Blu-ray (Special Limited Edition) includes a commentary that describes an interview that unravels the work from the perspectives of costumes, music, and photography. Includes a video bonus that reflects on the scene of the filming that produced the detailed and delicate work in an interview with the director and producer. In addition, audio commentary directed by Mr. Kadowaki, Mr. Mizuhara, Mr. Ishibashi, Mr. Yamashita, and Yukiko Sode, which became a hot topic at the time of release, is recorded as a voice privilege. “Anoko is a noble” Blu-ray & DVD will be released on October 27th (Wednesday), and rental DVD will be released on the same day.