Equipped with Hi-Fi audio driver

The Prime series is a gaming device series that was designed by incorporating the opinions of more than 100 e-sports professional players, and it seems that it has been decided to sell it in Japan this time. Arctis Prime features an audio driver optimized for game sounds. This makes it possible to accurately distinguish the direction and sense of distance of the sound, and at the same time, it appeals that it is possible to play without stress due to its high sound insulation and lightweight and sturdy design. Aluminum alloy and steel material are used for the main body to achieve excellent durability and weight reduction. In addition, by using the latest synthetic leather ear cushions and ski goggles headband, both comfort that lasts for a long time and sound insulation that enhances immersiveness are achieved. Equipped with a Discord-certified ClearCast microphone, it enables accurate communication with clear call quality even during play. In addition, the volume adjustment dial and mute switch are placed on the top of the ear cup to prevent the cables from interfering with each other. Also, from the Prime series, 3 models of gaming mouse “Prime”, “Prime +” and “Prime Wireless” will be on sale from July 9th (Friday). The estimated actual sales tax-included price is around 7,920 yen for “Prime”, around 10,560 yen for “Prime +”, and around 18,480 yen for “Prime Wireless”.