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Twenty-five parks will be effective from 10 pm on the same day, Hangang Park from midnight on the 7th, and Cheonggyecheon from 10 pm on the 7th. Until the cancellation, drinking is prohibited throughout Hangang Park from 10 pm to 5 am the next day. The shops in Hangang Park were also banned from selling alcoholic beverages from 10 pm to 5 am the next day from the 5th of this month. The drinking ban administrative order in Hangang Park is aimed at visitors throughout Hangang Park. The Hangang Business Headquarters has put in a field inspection team to provide public relations and guidance in order to reduce the confusion of the citizens at the beginning of the enforcement because it is a measure that was implemented in a hurry in a severe situation where the diffusion tendency is increasing. .. We plan to continue to provide guidance and crackdowns on drinking until it is lifted separately. In the event of a violation, you will be immediately subject to guidance pursuant to Articles 49 and 83 of the “Act on Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases”. If you do not respond, you will be charged a fine of 100,000 won (about 9800 yen) or less. In addition to fines, epidemic prevention costs such as all related tests, investigations, and treatments incurred in violations may be reimbursed. The city of Seoul said, “In a severe situation where the number of people infected with the new corona is increasing rapidly, there are a number of cases in which the citizens who use the Han River and the park during the nighttime do not comply with the epidemic prevention precautions. I made an urgent decision. “