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At the Tokyo 2020 Games, in order to avoid congestion on the transportation routes related to the Games, 1,000 yen will be added to traffic restrictions including large-scale traffic closures and daytime use of the Metropolitan Expressway during the period from July 19 to September 5. By doing so, we will try to reduce the traffic volume. For this reason, in order to avoid using it without noticing regulations and price increases in advance, we will implement alerts with various apps and car navigation systems, and route search to avoid restricted areas. There are three functions to provide. “Display of information on various traffic measures” alerts you to traffic restrictions and the Metropolitan Expressway charges when you start an app, website, or in-vehicle car navigation system. In “Map display of related party transportation route and area where you want to detour around the venue”, you can visually confirm by highlighting the related party transportation route on the map and displaying the detour area around the venue on the map. It can be so. In “Search / guidance of routes that avoid related person transportation routes as much as possible”, “Request to use avoidance route” is displayed when the route is to pass through related person transportation routes. Allows you to select whether to use the avoidance route, and if selected, the route that avoids the related party transportation route is displayed. This function is not supported by in-vehicle car navigation systems. 24 types of apps and car navigation systems from 15 companies, including sponsor companies such as Google and Yahoo, will be available for all services by July 19, before the Olympic Games. However, the corresponding functions differ for each service. For example, Yahoo! Car Navi supports all functions, but Google Maps does not support only “display of information on various traffic measures”. In addition to Google Maps and Yahoo! Car Navi, navigation apps and map sites such as NAVI, Mapion, and my daiz, and in-vehicle navigation such as G-BOOK, G-LINK, T-Connect, Internavi, and VICS WIDE also have some functions. to support. In addition, Yahoo has developed an “ORN (Olympic Route Network) avoidance function” that avoids a specific area for a certain period of time, but this function will continue to be used in the event of a disaster or a large-scale event. The policy is to proceed with development so that it can comply with regulations.