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When the dedicated app is launched on the smartphone, the remote contact center operator checks the camera image of the smartphone and informs the user of the location information based on visual information and GPS information. Prime Assistance offers services that “solve problems in the world,” such as road assistance for automobiles and home assistance for homes. Together with SOMPO Holdings, we have developed Eyeco Support, a new service that supports the daily problems of visually impaired people with the aim of promoting social participation and improving the quality of life of visually impaired people. Eyeco Support is necessary for visually impaired people by combining the contact center operation (people) know-how cultivated by Prime Assistance with Road Assistance Service, camera images from smartphones, and GPS map information (digital technology). Communicate information in a live voice. Examples of usage include checking grooming before going out, reading mail and documents aloud, providing directions to the destination, and shopping support. From July 1st to September 25th, Prime Assistance will actually be used by visually impaired people living in the Tokyo metropolitan area with the cooperation of the Japan Braille Living Support Center, the Tokyo Independent Living Support Center, and the Japan Braille Library. Have them use the service and carry out a demonstration experiment. Based on the results of the demonstration experiment, the service is scheduled to start in October. Prime Assistance is also considering utilizing its know-how to collaborate with businesses such as public transportation and commercial facilities, and to support the elderly and foreigners visiting Japan.