[Photo]Haruka Ayase, who made a surprise appearance at an elementary school in Fukushima PrefectureThe project is a participatory learning program for elementary, junior high and high school students that UNIQLO is working on with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). For Ayase, Fukushima is a place that has a lot to do with drama appearances and reconstruction support events, so I participated in a class held at an elementary school in Fukushima prefecture this time. When Ayase appeared in the 6th grade class as a surprise, the children were surprised and Ayase said, “Thank you everyone today! I don’t know much, so I can enjoy studying with everyone. Thank you for your cooperation. ” While learning about social contribution activities that can be done through clothes, such as the outline of sustainability, the significance of recycling, and what kind of power clothes have, with children, a business trip instructor said, “What would you like to live as a refugee?” When asked, “Do you think you need it?” Ayase replied, “I think you need clothes and footwear to change clothes and protect yourself.” Also, when the instructor asked me what clothing I thought was most necessary, I was a little worried and then answered “T-shirt!” And took the lessons from the same perspective as the children. At the in-class workshop, Ayase and the children exchanged opinions and thought about what “clothes” can do and the value that “clothes” give to people. After the class, Ayase said, “I actually listened to the lecture and learned the importance of learning and acting on the cycle of getting our clothes to another person. Also, children’s clothes in recycling. I knew the high demand for this product, so I would be grateful if everyone could continue to cooperate with me. “