[Image]As soon as it was released, it swept the trendI would like you to actually read the details, but let me briefly introduce the contents. An unidentified grudge has appeared at the house of today’s gal = Kaika Haruyama. Relying on veteran (?) Exorcists, but unable to make them into Buddhahood, they said, “I’ve never seen such a frenzied grudge!” “I don’t know what you’re saying” “Unintelligible” “Give me something else.” “!” And “The ghost teacher catalog” are pushed and escaped. In trouble, Kaika finds a girl in the same high school uniform as herself in the catalog and decides to call out at school. Inui Osamu was introduced in the catalog as a ghost teacher. The attribute is a cartoon otaku with a yin character. Suddenly called out by a positive character gal, he fell into suspicious behavior and refused to be able to remove most of the ghosts for himself who is not good at even talking to people, but as he listened to the story, he went to Kaika’s house. I realize that ghosts are “the kind of spirits I can exorcise” … As you can imagine from the title, the grudge that appeared in Kaika’s house is the “strong” rotten “residual thought” of the former inhabitant. “Fujoshi” here means “fujoshi” of fujoshi. It’s been a long time since I got citizenship, and I think it’s a word that doesn’t need explanation, especially for manga lovers, but Fujoshi is mainly an attribute that “couples and delusions” characters in manga and anime. Some people. Osamu makes a big turn as a ghost teacher who specializes in the residual thoughts of fujoshi. The method of removing ghosts from here and the explanation of “fujoshi terms” for Kaika, who is far from fujoshi, are just overwhelming, so please check the main part for the contents. (Https://shonenjumpplus.com/episode/3269754496381675608) For those who have a fujoshi attribute or who have that knowledge, there is a lot of “something”, but there is Kaika who can be said to be the opposite character. But don’t leave the reader behind. For those who want to know the reality of the imaginative “fujoshi”, it may be useful to study while laughing, “Is that the case?” On the Internet, there is a search for what kind of writer “Getabako” who wrote this manga is, including past works, and speculation that “Who is this person?” Is flying around. I don’t know who it is unless it’s announced, but it’s still interesting no matter who drew it. It’s very healthy to buzz because it’s an “interesting work” rather than the writer’s name value. “Jump” It may be difficult to publish in this magazine, but in this way an unknown writer suddenly appeared, and I felt once again the awesomeness of “Jump +”, which is a hot topic with the power of the work. That’s why I can’t stop checking every day.