[Photo]Netflix documentary “Digest” Money “” to learn the importance of talking about moneyHowever, when I try to talk about money, I am surprised and frowned upon. It’s sometimes said that talking about money is vulgar, even though it’s the most important part to clarify. Why is the talk of money avoided? So today, I would like to introduce the Netflix Limited series “Digest” Money “” and touch on the importance of understanding money and speaking openly.・ “Digest of” money “” to learn the basics of money In Japan, the story of money is taboo even between married couples, and it is sometimes said that “parents disqualifying their children from worrying about money”. In a prosperous era, it still looked good, but now the situation is different. Many people are worried about money due to the recession and the terrible corona. It’s an era where you can easily get into trouble with money, so I think it’s better to take the initiative in gaining knowledge and opening it up. However, it is difficult to talk about money, and many people do not know where to start studying money. Therefore, I recommend the Netflix Limited series “Digest” Money “”. With a four-episode documentary, you can enjoy learning “how to make money easily,” “credit card,” “student loan,” “gambling,” and “retirement fund.” “How to make money easily” does not teach the know-how of a lot of money, but explains the type of scam in an easy-to-understand manner, and as long as people believe in people, scams continue to exist and pattern people who are vulnerable to scams. It can’t be done, and even fraud prevention experts are said to be fraudulent. “Credit Cards” introduces how credit cards work and how to earn as a consumer. In “Tuition loan”, the tuition loan is a new system of debt, and while education is the way to raise the national power, higher education is not distributed to all the people, and the content is to cut into the problem of carrying debt. It has become. “Gambling” touches on the mechanism of gambling and addiction, and the “Retirement Fund” touches on the mechanism by which people who were in the middle class until the retirement age become poor after retirement. Everything is something that makes you want to look down, but it’s all very important in making our lives and life plans. If you learn “the basics of money” without blocking your ears, you will know how to avoid risks. And I think it will gradually become more fun to talk about money with people.・ Wealthy people like to talk about money I heard that true successes do not work to make money, but do what they like from the bottom of their hearts, so money will come later. Isn’t it? As with a few successful people, it can be said that the majority are working for a living to pay the rent. Making money is not a bad thing, and it’s only natural that you want to make more money to improve your life. However, when I tell a Japanese friend, “I’m working hard because I want to earn a lot,” I sometimes get ridiculed. I was once told by a Japanese mom friend, “Well, do you like money?” As if you were collecting rare things. I spent most of my adult life abroad and talked about money with my friends as a matter of course, so I was surprised at the reaction and said, “Everyone needs money.” However, he said, “If you say you like money, it’s vulgar,” and I learned that in Japan, the story of money is taboo and vulgar. Why? In Japan, there is a tendency to postpone talking about money when making contracts and negotiations, but many people are worried or jerky about their relationships. Many of my foreign friends are successful, but they love talking about money and are always on the lookout for business opportunities and exchanging ideas (because they like charity as much as they do profit). , I write that I am enthusiastic about giving back to the world). I’m curious, so I often ask, “I want to succeed, so tell me about your business.” Interestingly, the more successful you are, the more you tell the secret of success. Tend to do it. That’s because I think that if I succeed, I can use that connection to open up new business opportunities.・ Let’s talk about money with a loved one “Digest” Money “” does not teach you how to save money or how to save money, but it gives you secrets and knowledge about money and talks about money. It lowers the hurdle. If you look at it with your partner, it will be easier to talk about money, and if you look at it as a child of a certain age, you may be able to plan together for a student loan or a repayment scholarship. In Japan, the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, and it is said that the retirement fund is 20 million yen, so you may want to review your insurance and life plan once again with this work as a trigger. It is also important to review the tendency to view money as taboo. I met a person who grew up under the educational policy of making or making money for what he wants. He wanted a computer when he was young, but his parents didn’t buy it, so he made all the parts one by one. He said he was grateful to his parents who didn’t buy it, not only because he was touched by the fun of saving money, earning money, and making things toward his goals, but also because he accelerated his mental independence. I vividly remember what I envied, in contrast to the author, who was spoiled by his parents and treated as a child even after he became an adult. I think that talking about money will be fun and enrich your life and relationships if you don’t go in the downside of measuring your level of living. “Digest” money “” may be the trigger. One episode is about 20 minutes, so you can watch it without hesitation and learn a lot.