[Image]Marbled Meisei Seiya (c) ABC TV (6 others)

This is the latest version of the annual marbling project “There are more than just comics! The other M-1 Grand Prix that is really exciting is actually …”. Marbled Seiya, Nishida, and Ketsu will engage in a monoboke battle using products at the “MUJI Grand Front Osaka store”. Nishida enthusiastically said, “Yoshayosha!” Ketsu also states his ambition, “I’m aiming for a commercial for” MUJI “with this great joy!” Three staff members, including the store manager, will judge. What is the bokeh that Seiya, who is the top batter, showed off using a bowl? In the studio, a talk on the theme of “difference between Tokyo and Osaka” will be held. What is the difference between East and West that the entertainers who have advanced to Tokyo and the entertainers who are based in Osaka feel on their skin? ■ Ima-chan’s “Actually …” ABC TV Wednesday, July 7, 2021 23: 27-24: 27 MC: Koji Imada Happo Tsukitei / Kazutoyo Koya / Savannah / Shampoo Hat / Milk Boy / Marbled Meisei Waraimeshi Nishida / Nippon President Ketsu