[Video]”Jae-joong: On the Road” trailer (5 others)

In “Jae-joong: On the Road,” he closely adheres to Jae-joong, who made his debut in 2004. In addition to his creative activities, he has a complex background and a life-sized figure that talks about groups and members who have been active in the past. The event was delivered live to 30 cinemas in Japan. Jae-joong wanted to express his gratitude by looking at the customer’s face, and as a representative building, United Cinema Toyosu in Tokyo connected a two-way broadcast with a Korean studio. Jae-joong, who said that this film was “born from the talent of director Lee Jae-han,” said, “I’ve been interviewed so far, and even though I can’t say so far, I can talk in front of the director, deep in my heart. I think you were able to pull it out. ” He said he didn’t know that Jang Keun Suk was appearing in a friendship until he saw the movie. “Gun knew that I would be anxious if I took a long rest, so I said,’I’ve been running since my twenties. It’s Jae-joong, so it’s better to take a good rest before returning. It’s okay to take a rest. ” When asked by a fan, “What if I wanted to send a message to myself 10 years from now?”, “I wouldn’t be so happy if I couldn’t get sick, be healthy, and have fans like today. I hope so. “Jae-joong replied. When the fans asked me to say, “Everyone loves me,” he shyly said, “I’m okay because I can say this,” and said, “I love you, everyone! Thank you always.” Told. In the final greeting, “When I see everyone’s smile, I feel like I’m embarrassed, and now I’m very embarrassed. I’m always watching your reaction on Twitter, but this time it’s embarrassing, so I’ll check it. (Laughs) But I’d be happy if you could write your impressions. Actually, I’ve only seen it once, but I’ll see it again. Let’s meet again. ” “Jaejoong: On the Road” is being screened at United Cinema Toyosu, Shinjuku Piccadilly and others in Tokyo from July 2nd. The digest version of this event will be distributed on YouTube at a later date. (c) STORY WORKS