[See the photo]Ayame Goriki, who plays the role of Akiko Kondo in the drama “Her Back World”

■ Zokutsu to a boyfriend looking for a face she doesn’t know This work divides “TOSHIRO SIDE” drawn from a male perspective into Fuji TV TWO and “AKIKO SIDE” drawn from a female perspective into Hikari TV channels and broadcasts in a relay system. It was broadcast from “TOSHIRO SIDE” on terrestrial broadcasting. A drama of a serialized novel on the Tokyo Calendar website. It is the story of Toshiro Nishimura (Miura), who works as a drama director at a production company, and Akiko Kondo (Goriki), a lover who has devotedly supported Toshiro for three years after getting acquainted with a matching app. When a loved one suddenly disappears, one has to face his true nature. The main character of this story, Toshiro, is full of thoughts about where she, Akiko, who has lost her whereabouts, is now. Even if I’m working or alone at home, I’m making a soft noise saying “Akiko ~, where and what are you doing ~”, but Toshiro’s bad points have already been conveyed to the viewers a lot. .. ■ Shooting the clothes and bags left by her and posting them “unexperienced” First of all, Toshiro has never tried to know anything about the environment, family, and personality in which she was born. A man who has no interest in how Akiko has lived, just talking about herself. Although not yet stated in the play, Akiko is likely to be the lady of a winery company. When I heard the recorded voice of “Real Lady” interviewed by Toshiro’s colleague Kasumi (Naomi Nishida), it seems that Toshiro didn’t come to the point. Moreover, Toshiro believes that there is no cause for her to leave her. A man who is insensitive, mobbing, and unable to grasp the feelings of others. Such Toshiro is in a state of agonizingly inflating the “unexplored” to Akiko, so it has become a little horror-like development. I took pictures of Akiko’s things with my smartphone one after another, and started posting them on SNS with comments such as “#the last birthday of my twenties” and “#it suits you very well”. While saying, “I know even if you’re away, you needed me,” the viewer said, “I don’t understand Toshiro’s intention to release what she left behind. Although he is worried about the whereabouts of their love, such as “too scary” and “I’m scared …”, he seems to be horrified by Toshiro. ■ Episode 4 (TOSHIRO SIDE) Synopsis Next time, Episode 4 (TOSHIRO SIDE) will be broadcast on Fuji TV from 0:35 pm on Monday, July 12th. Toshiro visits the travel agency again under the guise of a reconciliation trip with Akiko. It’s hard to tell from a former colleague Mizuno that Akiko was on a trip to France a year ago. In the staff room, Kasumi and assistant director Kawaguchi discover Toshiro’s Instagram. Surprised by Toshiro’s post, Kasumi found a familiar person in the photo and something was about to connect. On the other hand, when the preparation for shooting the drama was in a good condition, an irreparable incident occurred in the production team.Sentence = The Television Editorial Department