[Image]Screenshot of Windows 11 Insider Preview.Explorer ribbon is simpler and also launches Linux GUI apps via WSL 2

What I want to pay attention to is version information. The version of Windows 11 Insider Preview is 21H2. Currently, the beta channel of the Windows Insider Program is delivering and verifying Windows 10 21H2, but considering the support period of Windows 10 in 2025, the new version of Windows 10 and the official version of Windows 11 will be released in the fall of 2021. Will appear. Since Windows 11 is an OS that is being developed based on the Windows 10 Insider Preview (Dev channel), there should be no problem in a clean environment. Looking at the freshness and enhancements around the UI, I want to install it on the main PC as well. However, this time, on one device with Windows 11 Insider Preview installed, the OneDrive client often disappears from the process, and if only Windows Terminal Preview is installed, “Windows Terminal” in the “Win” + “X” menu There is also a phenomenon that “” does not respond. Both are in the preview stage, so I don’t really care. By the way, from the announcement to the start of distribution a few days later, the information related to the system requirements was complicated. The security element “TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0”, which has not been emphasized in consumer PCs, is essential, and the CPU requirements are 8th generation Intel Core or later and AMD Zen 2 or later. In addition, Microsoft changed its policy on June 28 that it may include 7th generation Intel Core and AMD Zen 1. Behind this decision may be the intention to spread VBS (Virtualization-Based Security) in Windows 11. In recent years, the security of PCs and OSs has become more important, and the transition to the zero trust model is accelerating due to the corona, but the hardware virtualization function provided by VBS separates the memory and prevents attacks such as malware. The importance of protecting the host OS is increasing. Microsoft’s official blog also cited security as the number one reason for defining minimum system requirements. The author does not know the CPU that fully supports VBS up to the model number level, but the limitation of the CPU model may be a sign of that intention. At the time of the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview, there were no system limits for TPM 2.0 and CPU. An Insider Preview Dev channel for PC savvy users, but if you’re interested in Windows 11, join the Windows Insider Program and install Windows 11 Insider Preview to enjoy the world created by the new Windows. If you have an old PC, we recommend that you install it there.