[Image]Two shots of Mr. Tamura and his 4-year-old daughterMr. Tamura has released the appearance of his eldest daughter holding a small strip of paper. The strip contains a message praying to the heavens for the health of his parents, saying, “Let’s not get sick,” and “Do you think so much about your dad and mom?” It seems that the loveliness has exceeded the limit in response to the request, “I love each one.” Mr. Tamura reported “I hugged stronger than usual w”, while he was shy, “I decided to go to the human dock with my husband and I made a reservation immediately!” I also reported what I did. As expected, daddy! In the comment section, he said, “I’m so happy that I’m crying,” “My daughter’s love is overflowing,” and “I’m growing up to be a very kind child.” In addition, there were voices praising Mr. and Mrs. Tamura’s way of dealing with their children, saying, “I understand the depth of love between Mr. Atsushi and his wife” and “It is proof that my parents are doing well in raising their children.” Tamura married former model Kana in September 2013, and her eldest daughter was born in October 2016 and her second daughter in June 2020. On Instagram, with my daughter who grows day by day, I get the first “love letter” from my eldest daughter who can write letters, and on Father’s Day I get a handmade “paper bag and hippopotamus” to make my face flutter. I am reporting the lovely exchanges of.