[Photo]”Insanely beautiful” “Style is too good” and echoes … Ai Tominaga’s training ban leggings

“Today’s training has been lifted! 25 days after whiplash, although it has not been completely cured, it is a light whole body training that expands the range of motion of the neck while searching with a trainer so as not to put a burden on the neck”, one photo Was uploaded. The other day, he reported that he was hit from behind when he was in a taxi and became a whip, and he delivered a painful figure with a fixture around his neck, but he finally recovered to a state where he could resume training. Seems to have done it. “I have to do my best so that I can return to the training I was doing until now, the first day of resumption!” “Thanks to everyone who was worried, it’s okay,” he concludes. Fans said, “It was good,” “cool,” “insanely beautiful,” and “too good in style.”