“FINAL FANTASY XIV: Akatsuki no Finale” Image / Video Gallery

Interestingly, there are no new additions or other factors in the surge in FINAL FANTASY XIV players. One of the reasons may be the contribution of the streamer in World of Warcraft. The long-awaited update “WoW: Shadowlands Chains of Domination” wasn’t satisfying, so players may have shifted their attention to FINAL FANTASY XIV. It’s finally the Chains of Domination update, but it seems that some players have decided to play other MMOs while waiting for the first major patch of Shadowlands. It is reported that among the players who recently started distributing FINAL FANTASY XIV was Asmongold, a popular World of Warcraft streamer with 2 million followers. FINAL FANTASY XIV had an average review at the time of its release, but since the almost complete reboot of FINAL FANTASY XIV: New Eorzea, Square Enix has completely turned to MMORPG and is now the most popular. It is one of the highly acclaimed MMORPGs. In addition, “FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas” is one of the best in the “FINAL FANTASY” series of all time. With the latest expansion package “FINAL FANTASY XIV: Akatsuki no Finale” scheduled to be released on November 23, 2021, the number of players will continue to rise in the coming months. Those who have booked the expansion package will be able to play it on November 19, 2021. A new story will add two new classes and more.