[Image]From the 5.5th performance of Sokyu “Ant Pool”. (4 others)

“Ant Pool”, created and directed by Sokyu’s Bijomaru, is an ensemble drama of five elementary school boys and girls. In the play, the theme of “human cruelty” depicts the daily lives of elementary school students who are about to enter junior high school. Regarding this work, Bijomaru said, “The result is that the irritability and helplessness of the spirit of elementary school students because of their pureness appear terribly. What kind of hell did we come from, why are we here now? I hope you can remember at the theater if you are in hell. ” The performance will end on July 4th tomorrow. ■ Sokyu 5.5th Performance “Ant Pool” July 2nd-4th (Sun), 2021 Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Higashiyama Youth Activity Center Creative Activity Room Production / Direction: Bijomaru Cast: Heiji Demachi, Kamonashi, Tatsuki Koide, Natsuki Natsui, Koji Fujimura, Marie Yamanaka, Akira