[Photo]See a larger photoSouth Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed on the 4th that UNCTAD “grouped” Korea’s position at the closing session of the 68th Trade Development Council held at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 2nd of this month (local time). The project to change the status from “A (Asia / Africa)” to “Group B (developed country)” was unanimously approved. UNCTAD is a permanent establishment of the United Nations established for the purpose of industrializing developing countries and increasing their participation in international trade. It consists of four groups: Group A, which mainly includes developing countries such as Asia and Africa, Group B, which includes developed countries, Group C, which includes Latin American families, and Group D, Russia and the Eastern Region. Group B is mainly composed of Europe and North America, and Japan was the only Asian country belonging to Group B. However, this change in status will increase the number of Group B member countries from 31 to 32. The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that this change in status “reflects the 10th largest economy in the world, and the increased status due to the holding of the P4G summit and attendance at the G7 summit.” Immediately after the unanimous vote on the status change project, Ambassador Lee Tae-ho, who attended as the chief representative of the South Korean side, said, “Korea is the vision of the UNCTAD establishment document that clearly states that” trade is the main means of economic development. ” “The success stories shown,” he said. “In the future, South Korea will play a more active role as a bridge within UNCTAD as a major donor.” Pakistan’s ambassador to Geneva, Group A’s coordinator for the Asia-Pacific region, hoped that South Korea would act as a bridge between the various groups within UNCTAD and decided to work together in Group B. The European Union (EU) welcomed South Korea’s move to developed countries.