[Video]A scene where Griezmann makes a fool of Asian words

Dembele said on Instagram, “Hello everyone. In the last few days, a private video of 2019 has been on social media. It was shot in Japan. But it could happen anywhere on the planet, and I I would have used the same expression. ” He went on to say, “I haven’t targeted any community. I just happened to use these expressions with my friends, regardless of where they came from. This video was released and hurt the people in the picture. Maybe. I sincerely apologize. ” Griezmann also said on his Twitter account, “I have opposed all discrimination. In the last few days, some people want to portray me like another. I strongly oppose the accusations of me and Japan. I’m sorry if I made my friend angry. ” The US media “ESPN” introduced the apologies of both players and wrote that Barcelona, ​​the Spanish League and the French Football Federation have not yet confirmed the disposition of the players. In addition, the French newspaper “Le Parisien” asked FC Barcelona for comment, but wrote that it only referred to the remarks of the two players, and attention is focused on what kind of disposition will be taken. .. In addition, FC Barcelona posted on YouTube that Griezmann imitated Asian words in an article introducing the apologies of both players, such as the French newspaper “Liberation” and the French newspaper “Le Parisien”. The following video (4 minutes 44 seconds scene) is introduced.