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In the photo posted, RIO wore a checkered outfit and had various facial expressions with his cheeks on. He turned to the front and stared at the camera with his big eyes, and added playfulness by closing his left and right eyes alternately. The transparency of her long hair is transmitted through the screen. The new song “Super Summer” promoted by RIO is a CM of Coca-Cola starring “NiziU”, and the sound source was released only for distribution on the 5th when it was posted. Through the official website etc., this song was introduced as “a summer song that represents 2021 that” a new summer is coming “even in an era when patience, self-restraint, and self-control are required now that new commonplace is increasing.” , A light number with positive energy. On the same day, “Image Movie” was released through the official YouTube channel, and many fans commented that “I want to liven up the summer with” NiziU “” from the fans, who enjoyed the natural appearance of the nine people at the beach. The expectation for the main part of the MV is further raised.