[Image]The active era of “Moteta”Mr. Maruyama released a shot to relax with his dog as “a blissful time”. While spelling out his enthusiasm for the show, the hashtag spits out a real thing that is far from the calm expression, “I feel uncomfortable eating too much fried chicken” and “I’m swelling tomorrow” before the evening drink. Mr. Maruyama, who felt a sense of crisis with “weight max”, declared a diet “I must be thin” and “I must be really solid”. He concluded, “I’ll do my best,” worried about the effects on my knees and “poisonous to Zahee.” Mr. Maruyama, who played an active part as a former Japan national football team, was released from the abstinence and gained weight by retiring from active duty in 2016. In November 2018, I tried a diet for 4 weeks and succeeded in losing about 7 kg, but in June 2020, “I’ve been the fattest ever since I quit my job, lol” on Instagram. He revealed the rebound. “The result of eating everything I’ve never eaten before,” he said, “honestly, I’ve come to the point where I’m not fat anymore, so I’m going to lose weight.” It seems that it took a year to break through the limit. Are you happy and fat?