[See all images]It’s really exciting! 12.6 inch keyboard with touch display “FICI HP”

When you hear 12.6 inches, you may think that it has a huge display, but the resolution is 1,920 x 515 pixels, which is quite wide. It’s a little narrow vertically, but it’s wide so it can be used in various ways. This display is compatible with Windows, macOS and Android. If you connect with USB-C, it will be recognized as a sub display. Since it is a touch display, you can quickly operate it with your fingers. It’s not like the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro. It feels like the display of ASUS’s two-screen notebook PC “ZenBook Duo 14 UX482”. There is also a USB-A terminal, which can be used as a USB hub. You can also insert a USB memory or connect a mouse. Oh yeah, it has an RGB backlight so it shines brightly. There are two types of FICI HP. “K1” with numeric keypad and “K2” without numeric keypad. Both models have the same footprint, so choose according to your keyboard layout preference. As for the key switch, K1 adopts scissor type and K2 adopts GATERON. K2 can be selected from blue axis, brown axis, and red axis. I like tea shafts. Currently accepting support, K1 starts at $ 249 (about 27,644 yen) and K2 starts at $ 279 (about 30,990 yen). If I get it, how should I use it? You can display the list display at the bottom of the Lightroom Classic screen. After that, it seems good to always display the folder. If you edit the video, you may want to display the timeline. I wonder what. I don’t need it, but I’m just excited about keyboard lovers. I don’t like this. I wonder if I can support you … Source: Kickstarter