[Photo]Sexy Zone Kento Nakajima (c) Cantere appearing in “She Was Pretty”

The drama depicts the love affair between Sosuke Hasebe (Nakajima), the deputy editor of a famous magazine, and Ai Sato (Koshiba), an unemployed disappointing girl. At the interview, Nakajima was asked if the impressions of the co-stars changed before and after the recording. About Akaso, who plays Sato’s senior Takuya Higuchi, “I think I met the best friend in my life …” I revealed my passion. Nakajima talks about himself and Akaso, “everything is the same except for the blood type.” He has all the things in common, such as his hobby card game “Yu-Gi-Oh!” And his ideal female image (a person with a beautiful profile), and he calls him “E-chan” in his private life. There is also a scene where Koshiba warns the two people who are crazy during the press conference, “Don’t flirt!” However, the two are said to be rivals in the play. When the camera turns, he switches his mind and keeps a distance, but in videos such as promotions, he laughs, “The distance is so close that the shoulders touch each other.” The first episode of “She Was Pretty” will be broadcast from 9 pm on July 6th.