[Image]State of the shooting studio (from the official website)Taken at the exclusive studio “Volumemetric Video Studio-Kawasaki” surrounded by green backgrounds on all sides. The performance was shot simultaneously with more than 100 cameras arranged so that there were no blind spots, and transferred and analyzed to IBM Japan’s parallel computing server “IBM Power System AC922” and broadband storage “IBM Elastic Storage System”. It is said that it can output video data reconstructed in 3D in about 3 seconds after shooting. Rather than simply specifying one of 100 cameras to select the angle, you can edit the image by specifying the desired angle of view and position with the virtual cameras in the virtual space. Aoi no Ue is said to have created the final video by synthesizing the 3D data created by scanning an existing Noh theater and the performer data. The two companies announced on the 2nd that they will collaborate with the aim of expanding the technology into the arts and performing arts fields. The first video release on Aoi no Ue. It is said that the technology itself has been used in music programs and TV commercials since the studio started operation in July 2008. Since it is possible to create volumetric videos in near real time, we anticipate the need for live distribution such as music.