[See the photo]Fuka Koshiba, Kento Nakajima, who revealed each other’s names as “Koshiba” and “Kenken” (from the left in the photo)

This work is true: Sosuke Hasebe (Nakajima), who became a handsome “most scary tongue” elite from a fat boy, and Ai Sato (Koshiba), who became an unemployed disappointing girl from an honor student beautiful girl. A love story that depicts the whereabouts of two “passing first loves” who have achieved opposite growth. Akaso plays Takuya Higuchi, a rival of Sosuke’s love. ■ Even though I’m a rival, I’m sticking my shoulders on SNS. First, I have a question about the change in impression after co-starring with before shooting. Nakajima commented on Koshiba, “I think he’s cute and cheerful before shooting, and he’s loved by the people.” , I’m surprised to come back. There was a partition at the time of the first meeting, so I can actually hear it, but when I took an action like “It’s hard to hear the voice”, “Koshiba return” came (laugh). I thought he was a national heroine with a (kyojin) mentality. ” Regarding Akaso, “People who think that they have met the best friends in their lives. Except for their blood type, they are all the same! They have similar dates of birth, have the same hobbies, and have a beautiful profile of a woman’s ideal image. ZARD’s Izumi Sakai-san’s beauty is the same. I also like trading card games. ” During the shooting, it is said that they keep a distance because they are rivals, but Nakajima said, “The distance of the video that appears in the official account is zero (laugh). I’m sticking my shoulders as much as I can.” I’m happy today between the heroine and my best friends! ” ■ In a greeting from Nakajima, “I can’t get a fist … (laughs)” Koshiba said about Nakajima, “Always a perfect person, smart and lady first” before shooting, and “A person who can be crazy” after co-starring. I understand what it is (laughs) “. For Koshiba, Nakajima was a strict boss of de S, so I was very scared when I heard that “(Mr. Nakajima) said to Mr. Make that” I might feel that way “. When I met him, he smiled (with his fist sticking out) and said “Thank you” (laughs). I don’t think I’ll get a fist, so I feel like “I’ll keep up with you for the rest of my life! Please!” exposure. Nakajima confessed, “I’m messing around every time! It’s strange because every time I see me, I burst into laughter.” Also, regarding Akaso, who will be co-starring for the third time, he said, “Maybe I forgot my face, I made my love freckles’make …'” after a while after shooting (laughs). ). I have a feeling of a good young man who seems to be serious, but I’m a little missing. It’s an interesting impression that I only listen to about half of people’s stories. ” ■ Nakajima is “Isn’t it a fateful partner?” Akaso also said about Nakajima, “I heard from Mr. Make that he might be scared. I wonder if he can close the distance because he is a rival. I was worried, but there are so many things in common that I think he is a fateful partner, or a brother who is alive. ” Koshiba thought, “Don’t flirt!” As for Koshiba, he said, “I got the impression that I like mischief. I had to try to take it because I was told that I’m sticking to my eyes.” After that, I smiled at Koshiba. Revealed that he was directed. Koshiba said, “It’s Mr. Nakajima’s fault! Mr. Nakajima also likes mischief. I’ve been suddenly surprised by a loud voice from behind many times, and Mr. Akaso said that the divergence was (laughs).” Nakajima explained, “That’s because Mr. Koshiba makes a really nice face when I’m mischievous. If I make a troubled face, it’s the best in Japan.” ■ What are the names of each? Also, the love played by Koshiba will be called by various nicknames during the work, but in connection with that, there is also the question “What nickname do the cast members call each other?” Regarding Koshiba, Nakajima said, “I’ve made it to the point where the first half of the shooting is good, but I can’t easily say” Fuka-chan “because I’m a wonderful actress. I’m not good at shrinking it, so if I called him “Koshiba-san,” he said, “Koshiba is fine!” “Now, I’m calling it” Koshiba “, but I’m in the middle of shooting, so maybe it’s going to be called” Fuka “. It’s about time to call it by the name below. “I wish I could go,” he confessed, “I’m pretty shy (laughs).” Koshiba was delighted at the situation, saying, “You’re shy, right? (Laughs) I saw something unusual (laughs).” On the other hand, regarding Akaso, he said that he was “Akaso-kun” until about two weeks ago, and “I want to call him” Ken-chan “during the recording of” VS Soul “, so in the program The name was decided. From that point on, “Ei-chan” and Ken-chan. ” ■ Nakajima proposes “a nickname that makes Koshiba happy”? Koshiba said that he was “Mr. Nakajima and Mr. Akaso at first”, but when he saw the exchange between “VS Soul”, he thought it was good and agreed, “Can I call you Ei-chan?” It is said that it got. “Mr. Nakajima couldn’t be called” kun “because of his role, but when I asked him,” Can I make a nickname? “, I decided to call him” kenken. ” I thought so and submitted an application. ” And Akaso, who calls Nakajima “Ken-chan”, was wondering about Koshiba, “Is it Fuka-chan?” “Basically, I might say” Hey! “”, And Koshiba said, “Not much. You won’t call me your name, “he spills. Then, Nakajima said to Akaso, “I’ll tell you a nickname that makes me happy.” There was also a scene in which Akaso called out “Mr. Oshiba” and Koshiba immediately said “It’s Koshiba! I thought I’d definitely come (laughs)”.