[Image]“ Operation 0706” in 2019It will be premiered on the official Khara YouTube channel from 8 pm on the 6th. In the first part, in addition to the opening 18 minutes 47 seconds 13 frames of the movie, the making video (about 1 minute) of the confrontation scene between the first machine and the 13th machine, which will be the climax, will be delivered. In the second part from 9 pm, the Nippon Broadcasting System “Shin Evangelion’s All Night Nippon” broadcast on June 21 will be specially distributed as a director’s cut version. There are no plans to archive. “Operation 0706” is an event that screened “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version AVANT1 0706 Version” (opening 10 minutes 40 seconds) in 10 cities around the world such as Tokyo, Paris, and Los Angeles as a movie preview on July 6, 2019. .. “Two years after that, we couldn’t hold an event like that at that time because of the corona disaster, but we decided to hold it online on the same July 6th, thinking that something would be memorable.”