Announcement of Otter for EventsFor example, telework. In timing prospect of vaccination was not standing is the most effective in preventing the spread of infection to inhibit human flow, great expectations were provided by, the which is one teleworking means for implementing it. However, as explained in Part 7 of this series, the general stance of Japanese companies is that “telework is an emergency measure during a pandemic and will shrink when the corona ends.” On June 11, 2021, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications requested companies to carry out intensive telework during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which can be said to be the flip side of the company’s negative attitude.・ The “seriousness” of Japanese companies asking how far telework will take root However, it seems that the value of the technology itself, which allows companies to participate in specific activities from remote locations, is taking root. It is predicted that events that can be attended online, so-called “virtual events,” will continue to spread using such technology.