Other imagesThis podcast program is an original drama of TV TOKYO, “If you meet your ears,” which Spotify cooperates with. (Started on July 8th / every Thursday at 0:30 OA), it also appears in the story and plays an important role. Together with TV TOKYO, Spotify will deliver a new entertainment experience that links fiction TV dramas and real-life podcasts, and introduce the joy of listening to and making podcasts. This is the first time Kiyoshi Hikawa has a cooking-related program. In “Kiyoshi Hikawa kii’s Welcome Rice”, Kiyoshi Hikawa takes on the challenge of delivering a cooking program by voice while incorporating ASMR (the brain feels comfortable by stimulating hearing and sight). There is. Kiyoshi Hikawa, who is known for his love of cooking, will show you recipes for cooking that you can make quickly with familiar ingredients even after you return home after a busy day, and give you tips and commitments to make it delicious. I will introduce it while actually cooking. It is said that they will deliver a fun time at home with a light talk, as if they went to Kiyoshi Hikawa’s home. After the first episode on July 5th at noon, the second episode will be delivered around 21:00 on July 8th, after which the latest episode will be updated every Thursday around 21:00. In addition, this podcast program is an original drama of TV TOKYO “If you meet your ears. ]And interlocking. The drama is a podcast program of Kiyoshi Hikawa, a podcast program by Kiyoshi Hikawa, who is a former member of the female idol group Nogizaka46 and who plays Marika Ito, who is active not only as an actress but also as a creator. It is a setting that I love listening to “rice” as a listener. Misono himself started a gourmet report podcast program and grew up as a personality. In the drama, he will produce a podcast program with the theme of “Chenmeshi,” a chain store gourmet that Misono loves. Every episode, you will talk about your love for “Chenmeshi” while eating your favorite menu at a popular chain store. In the drama, Misono will use Spotify’s podcast production app “Anchor” to record and distribute the show in collaboration with friends. Viewers can also learn how to make podcasts while watching the drama, and it is a drama that conveys the joy of podcasts that anyone can send with their own voice as well as listen to them. In addition, the audio content that Misono delivers in the drama every time is the podcast program “If you meet your ears. ]Which will be distributed exclusively on Spotify after the end of the weekly broadcast. ◎ Kiyoshi Hikawa Comment I am very happy to have the opportunity to tell everyone about my favorite dishes. I am excited about the new challenge of delivering recipes only by voice. I think we can deliver that atmosphere at a very fun recording site every time. I want the listeners to spend a relaxing time as if they were coming to kii’s home and cooking together next door. I think I’m more able to show myself than ever before. See you every Thursday night in kii’s kitchen. ◎ Marika Ito Comment I’m very happy to be involved in a familiar service because I use Spotify on a regular basis. I used to use podcasts as content to listen to, but it’s nice to be able to send and enjoy yourself! I think that podcasts that allow anyone to relax their shoulders and send out what they like are suitable for the present era. I hope you enjoy both the podcast and the drama. ◎ Program information Drama “If you like it. TV TOKYO: Every Thursday from July 8th at midnight BS TV Tokyo / BS TV Tokyo 4K: Every Tuesday from July 13th at midnight